Success Stories

A global, high-tech corporation based in Japan requested T.C. International to locate for it a partner which manufactured very specialized inspection equipment.  Although only a handful of these companies exist, our firm’s extensive research throughout the United States and Europe identified several candidates. Our evaluation led us to a relationship with one of the oldest and largest corporations in Europe, located in Germany. A successful joint venture was negotiated between the two corporations, and the Japanese corporation is now successfully marketing the German company’s equipment in Japan. The two companies also continue to work together with research in their industry.

A large medical company in Japan developed a conceptual patent for a system which utilized GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to track elderly and Alzheimer patients. Although this particular type of GPS technology had not been perfected anywhere, our firm was able to identify a company which was working on the development of this system in conjunction with the U.S. government and a major U.S. communication company. A joint venture was formed to develop the system for medical use in Japan. Two other large corporations in Japan were also introduced as partners by T.C. International to help develop the equipment needed to implement the system on a national scale.

When a Japanese construction company desired to form a joint venture with a U.S. manufacturer of modular (component) housing, T.C. International negotiated the formation of an alliance with one of the largest manufactures of modular housing in the United States.

When one of the largest restaurant chains in Japan needed a high-level executive with extensive food industry experience, T.C. International identified and facilitated the selection process of an individual from one of the top U.S. restaurant chains. This executive has now aided the Japanese restaurant chain in the restructuring of its entire organization. The company and the executive have continued in a successful relationship.

Being retained by one of the world’s largest golf resort management companies, T.C. International aided this U.S. company in locating and establishing alliances with a Japanese partner for several world-renowned resort properties.

A major Japanese electronics manufacturer became interested in expanding into new business opportunities, T.C. International has worked on projects with eight divisions of this company, identifying over 50 different companies related to a service in each of the divisions. Our firm continues to negotiate licensing and joint venture agreements for them.

A division of a multi-billion dollar company in Japan needed to expand their business in the U.S. The company specialized in very sophisticated technology related to semiconductor equipment manufacturing for wafer processing. T.C. International was retained to represent the Japanese company, and create several new business ventures for the company with the largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers in the world located in the United States. T.C. International first established a relationship with the companies and was then involved in every facet of the business development. Now, the Japanese company has a very successful business in the U.S. through T.C. International’s continued direction.