About Us

About The Founder

Bob Bigham, the President and Chief Executive Officer of T. C. International, has been in the consulting business for over twenty years.


Mr. Bigham began his successful career in construction, establishing his own company in 1973 and becoming one of the most prominent leaders in that industry. In addition to diversifying his construction business, Mr. Bigham also established a real estate investment and business consulting firm. Among other achievements, his firm was involved in some of the largest real estate investment projects in the United States.


By 1982 Mr. Bigham had become involved in a wide range of business ventures ranging in scope from retail, to restaurant and food service, to industrial fluid and coating systems, to high tech airline automation equipment. His multi-faceted business and management experience has led him to be retained as an advisor and business consultant to companies both internationally as well as in the United States, from small businesses to some of the largest corporations in the world. His years of extensive experience and reputation as an highly effective negotiator and “deal-maker” has led him to become one of the leaders in international business consulting.

About TC International

Our Company Mission

Utilizing its own resources as well as that of its international affiliates and alliances, T.C. International will assist companies in finding new business opportunities and in locating, evaluating, and choosing partners to assist them in both entering new opportunities and in penetrating new markets.

Our Company Vision

T.C. International’s vision is to become the leading firm in consulting international joint venture, trading, and licensing agreements, particularly in the area of new business opportunities.

Our Working Principles
  • Highest Level of Professional Standards: We draw exclusively on experts in their respective fields in order to assure the highest professional standards.
  • Practical Approach: We will categorically state “what should be done” on the basis of comprehensive investigation and analysis.
  •  Action-oriented Consultation: We are ready to participate in actual implementation of our recommendations so that the ultimate objectives, be they joint venture formation or conclusion of other agreements, are achieved to the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Systematic Approach: We offer integrated professional services covering a wide spectrum of major types of international operations, from market research to management supervision of local establishments.